DO NOT MAKE ANY EDIT TO THE TEMPLATE.Duplicate itRename the duplicated post, and give it a new permalink.Then here in the Header, put your catchy title, deleting all the other text.

Instructions:  You will need to have duplicated the post, given it a new name, then do these things:

Write your content and put it below.

Change the featured image.

Edit the Heading text – and don’t miss the subheading name!

Edit the “Excerpt” box.

Add at least one image to this text box.

Complete the Yoast SEO elements below, working from the bottom up.  Get as many green dots as you can.  Make sure you have 5 keywords.  “Crystal River,” and  “Zipline” should be included, and consider “Citrus County.”  The other two words could come from your article content, such as “Family” or “team building”.  These words are the search keys for the site.

Check the date on your post before you publish.  The appearance of this post on the front page is date driven.  Choose wisely.

Preview you post before publishing.  If the title does not work well on the featured image at the top of the page, you can suppress its appearance using HEADER, TITLE IN HEADER – OFF in the page options section below.


Here you’ll have at least 3 paragraphs.  You want just about 300 words.  Each article is supposed to help your audience understand something about the Tree Top Adventure experience.

The first paragraph introduces your idea, and is designed to encourage the audience to read more.  You want to engage them in this first paragraph.  You can have a cliff hanger, exciting lead in, or leave some question in the mind of the reader that they need to read more to answer.

Your second paragraph develops the idea.  It gives more of a sense of what kind of experience a person will have at Tree Top.  It helps people make good expectations about what will happen when they come to visit.

Your third paragraph provides a closure to your story.  It also includes a call to action.  For instance, it might end:  “It was approaching sundown when the group completed their team building day.  They were energized and had a new sense of their co-workers, and were looking forward to dinner together. Develop your team with an outing at Tree Top Adventure, and let us tailor the day and catering for your team.”


"Put in a really nice quote to feature."

- First name of person quoted