Team Building Veteran Style

Men from Wounded Warrior Project arrived at Tree Top Adventure bright and early.  They are veterans who had not met prior to their week of teambuilding  experiences.  Initially they were to utilize Tree Top Adventure’s “ground” games, but Tim, their director, chose to surprise them with the Tree Top’s Aerial Adventure.

team building group veteran warriorThere were the usual handshakes and introductions, at the beginning.  As they chatted and joked with one another, most of them moved through the course with speed and agility – but  some struggled along the way.  Like a group of recruits learning to have each other’s backs, it was amazing to see these men come together.  They worked through the course as a team, helping out those who were less confident in their climbing abilities. They reached out their hands to one another, coached one another, and they worked together as a team leaving no man behind.

Upon completing the course hands were shook, but hugs were also given, self-confidence was built, and the goal of bringing together these men who had served our nation was accomplished!  They arrived as strangers and left as brothers.

“We will be back” were Tim’s last words as they walked out the gate to their next adventure.

They arrived as strangers and left as brothers