Team Building Veteran Style

Tree Top Adventure is proud to be a part of the team-building experience offered to the men and women of The Wounded Warrior Project.

Our Tree Top Adventure consists of aerial obstacles and zip lines. We familiarize these Warriors with our equipment and send them up into the trees. Their agility and brawn are put to the test as they maneuver through the course. Some needing assistance as others raced through. team building, low ropes, high ropes,We also provide a low-ropes course where the Warriors work on team-building with our “on the ground games”.  None of these games can be accomplished individually, it takes a team effort to complete these challenges!

As the veterans spend the next couple of hours with us, we can see the bonds strengthens as the camaraderie between them grow. There is trust and brotherhood and sisterhood as they have each others back.

Veterans who did not know one another prior to this excursion unite and assist one another through the challenges of this adventure.

Fear stopped none as they all prevailed!