We offer Team Building for corporate, youth, and leadership programs customized to enhance your specific experiential encounter!

Team Building for corporate, youth, and leadership programs are customized to enhance your specific experiential encounter using high ropes (Tree Top, an aerial adventure), low ropes, portable challenge games, as well as horses. Team Building is known to strengthen social relationships and define rolls within teams often involving collaborative tasks through experiential learning.team building leadership low ropes tree top crystal river

Experiential learning builds the skills and confidence needed to be an essential part of a team. It also gives the participants the opportunity to practice and develop attitudes such as resilience, tenacity, curiosity, and self-direction.team building, corporate, horse

Our experiential Team Building activities involve perplexing tasks, mostly though outdoor activities. All members of the team are required to participate in these activities for the challenges to be successful. These lessons can then be brought in to the office, work place, classroom, or on the sporting field to name a few. Team Building will create new relationships and redefine the existing ones.

At Faith Haven, we promote Team Building activities throughout the entire campus; at Tree Top Adventure, using our low ropes and portable challenges, Soquili Stables, and Horses N Healing. We customize a Team Building experiential event for any group or team.

"Our Team Building experience helped my team in efficiency, better communication skills, and work performance has boosted! I highly recommend Faith Haven for your Team Building event."- Vincent Mason