Meeting the future in-laws?

SusanSusan was nervous as she was meeting her boyfriend’s family for the first time. They had been seeing each other, but like a lot of other couples, the parents hadn’t been introduced. In fact, the parents were from out of state, and coming for a visit.

When they got to Tree Top Adventure, there were the usual greetings and warm handshakes, but then they turned to the Adventure. Susan and James, and his parents Laura and John were fitted with a harness, and the safety protocols were explained.  Then they were coached up and into the trees, where a Safety Guide on the ground offered assistance as needed. Laura was a bit anxious and was reconsidering this immediately, but her whole family reassured and encouraged her, and she was able to try and finish things she didn’t think possible.  Susan supported her through the experience.

It was just a first meeting, but everyone had fun, and the experience took the pressure out of a “getting to know you” moment.

When you come to Tree Top Adventure, it’s a great opportunity to try something new, and perhaps make a new friend.  We put your safety first, but your fun is a close second.

"I didn't feel conscious or nervous at all, and we all had a good time."

— Susan