Join us the month of May for a tree-climbing, zip-lining adventure that you will never forget... then pass it on!

We are very excited to have this opportunity to honor all of our wait-staff, baristas, and bartender service employees in Citrus and surrounding counties. Tree Top Adventure is a great alternative to the water sports, scalloping, and swimming with the manatees, which currently attract our Citrus County Tourism. Simply provide a current check stub and photo ID and you qualify to GoUp for FREE. We want you to talk about us and what better way than for you to personally experience our playground.

tree top, service provider, free, may, crystal riverThis course builds confidence and is an excellent place to make friends, conquer fears, and build trust. Our Staff members monitor your progress from the ground as you ascend into the canopy. We are with you, to guide you, to lead you, to encourage you, and to cheer you on!

barista, service providers, zip lines, freeNot only do we want you to tell YOUR customers about us, we also want to educate you and tell you about us. Tree Top Adventure opened Memorial Day Weekend 2016 and is located in Crystal River, FL. As we approach our second year, we realize that there are still so many locals that don’t know we’re here. We want to extend this invitation to you hoping you will take full advantage. Come along, with a friend, or with a group. The experience is different for everyone yet equally as fun!

Faith Haven promotes team building activities throughout the entire campus; at Tree Top Adventure, our Low Ropes Course and portables, Soquili Stables, and Horses N Healing. We customize team building events for any group, big or small, from youth to corporations.

Ask us how we can customize a team building adventure for you and your group! See you in the trees!!

Toys and trucks come and go, but memories last forever!

-Scott Baggerly