The height of fright

Her friends convinced her it would be fun!  But just five minutes into looking at the trees, her face was pale, and knees were feeling weak.

She was afraid of heights.  Tree Top Adventure’s Safety Guides reviewed how the harness would prevent falls when properly used. It took a few minutes to get the hang of it, but a Safety Guide was there, the whole time, ensuring that she learned the ropes.

She went from trembling and shaking to calmer, and finally to excited. Within a few minutes, what started out as a bit scary had become an exciting adventure. She was doing the same things that everyone in her group could do, and it made her feel great.

Don’t let fears get in the way. When you come to Tree Top Adventure they take great care of you. In fact, that same anxious woman went on to become a Safety Guide herself. “It was too exciting to not do,” she says now. And she understands when others are feeling a little frightened.

“It was too exciting to not do,”

— Janet