MARCH is our ANNUAL Teacher Appreciation Month.

Tree Top Adventure would like to take this opportunity to extend a Bogo Offer to all School System Staff Members, Librarians, and School Bus Drivers. Come in as a pair, show your school ID’s, and split the price of admission.

Our Aerial Adventure includes: 3 zones with 24 obstacles including 7 zip lines! Move through the course at your own pace while enjoying nature from a bird’s eye view. Challenge your agility, your balance, and your cognizance! Take your time and enjoy the outdoor surroundings or race through the trees against the clock to get recognized on our Bragging Board!

Tree Top Adventure builds confidence. You will see a transformation in your self-confidence from the first ladder wrung to the time your feet touch ground in zone 3. This is truly inspirational!

tree tops, zip lines, crystal river, fun, teachersThere are three main types of team building activities in which Tree Top promotes:

Communication Activities, problem solving, and decision making activities. As well as activities that focus in trust. We offer a combination of high and low ropes which incorporate these three main skills.

Activity Based Team Building involves perplexing tasks, mostly through outdoor set-ups. All members of the team are required in these activities for the challenges to be successful. These lessons can be brought into the classroom or work place creating new relationships between students or co-workers.

Communication Based Team Building requires either verbal or non-verbal skills. The team will be asked to perform tasks which require them to communicate by motion, sound, or using verbal skills. Success is met when communication is properly transmitted and received.

Problem Solving Based Team Building is also (primarily) an outdoor activity. This type of team building is aimed at helping the team unravel and solve certain problems given by an outside facilitator. The members of the group will then work together to identify the challenges and possible solutions while trying to work as excellently as excellently as possible in solving the problem.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience first-hand the team building benefits of our ropes course. Call and reserve today! (352)601.GoUp (4687)


*This offer valid in the month of March. Both parties must be school staff, bus driver, or librarian to qualify. Must provide current ID as proof of employment, (no exceptions).

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